Exploring Saudi Arabia Women Travel Rules

Saudi Arabia is a country rich in culture, heritage, and natural beauty. In recent years, the Kingdom has taken significant steps towards modernization and opening its doors to international tourism.

However, it is essential for women travelers to have a clear understanding of the travel rules in Saudi Arabia to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. In this article, we will delve into the details Saudi Arabia’s travel rules specifically designed for women, allowing them to explore this fascinating country confidently.

"Unlock the hidden treasure of Saudi Arabia while understanding the travel guidelines for women."

Dress Code and Modesty

Respectful Attire

Saudi Arabia adheres to conservative Islamic traditions, and it is crucial for female travelers to dress modestly in public. Women are required to wear an abaya, a loose-fitting black cloak that covers their body from the shoulders to the ankles. While visiting religious sites, such as mosques and holy places, it is also customary to cover the head with a scarf or hijab.

"Dress modestly to embrace cultural norms and show respect."

Western Tourists Exception

"Western tourists are not expected to wear the abaya, but should still dress modestly."

It is worth noting that as part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to promote tourism, Western tourists are not obligated to wear the abaya. However, it is still recommended to dress modestly to respect local customs and traditions, especially when visiting conservative areas outside major cities.

Accommodation for Women

Gender-Segregated Facilities

"Enjoy privacy and comfort with gender-segregated accommodation options."

Saudi Arabia recognizes the need for privacy and comfort for female travelers. As a result, many hotels and accommodations offer gender-segregated facilities, including women-only floors or wings. These options provide women with a safe and comfortable space to relax and unwind during their stay.

Accommodation Restrictions

"Unmarried couples are required to provide proof of marriage to share a hotel room."

It is important to note that unmarried couples are not allowed to share a hotel room in Saudi Arabia. If traveling as a couple, it is essential to carry proof of marriage, such as a marriage certificate, to avoid any complications during check-in. This rule strictly applies to both foreign visitors and Saudi nationals.

Public Interaction and Conduct

Public Display of Affection

Saudi Arabia has a strict policy against public displays of affection. Kissing, hugging, or holding hands in public is considered inappropriate and is generally not tolerated. It is wise to exercise caution and respect local customs by refraining from such behavior.

"Avoid public displays of affection to adhere to local cultural norms."

Gender Segregation in Public Areas

In certain public areas, such as restaurants, cafes, and public transport, gender segregation is still observed in Saudi Arabia. It is common to find separate seating areas for men and women, ensuring privacy and comfort for all individuals. Women travelers should be aware of this practice and choose the appropriate seating areas accordingly.

“Separate seating areas are provided for men and women in public places.”

Driving Safety and Regulations

Driving License for Women

"Women are now allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia."

In 2018, Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving, granting them the right to obtain a driver’s license and drive freely within the kingdom. This progressive step has added convenience and independence for women travelers, allowing them to explore the country at their own pace. It is important to note that an international driving license is required to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Women-Only Transportation

"Women-only taxis and ride-sharing services provide safe transportation options."

For women who prefer not to drive or seek alternative transportation options, Saudi Arabia offers women-only taxis and ride-sharing services. These services cater exclusively to female passengers and provide a safe and comfortable way to travel around the country.


Saudi Arabia offers an extraordinary travel experience with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. As a woman traveler, it is essential to understand and respect the country’s travel rules to ensure a memorable and hassle-free journey.

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By adhering to the dress code, understanding accommodation restrictions, respecting cultural norms, and utilizing the available transportation options, women can embrace the enchanting beauty of Saudi Arabia while immersing themselves in its unique traditions and heritage.

“Pack your bags, abide by the travel rules, and embark on an incredible adventure in Saudi Arabia – a country that promises both cultural enlightenment and natural wonders.”

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